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See introduction to the Springest API for all our endpoint. 

Note upfront: the difference between certificates and certifications:

  • Certificates  - the actual certificate that a user gets from an institute when a training is completed. This is a filetype usually .pdf with accompanying user data. Certificates belong to Certifications.
  • Certifications - these are the certifications a product can have, for example 'ITIL'. At the moment certifications can only be created in the Springest Admin and coupled to a product, certifications then have to be verified by Springest Employees.

Access to this feature is restricted to authorized API users only. If you feel you need access to this feature, please contact

Our Certificates API allows external parties to fetch or post the (pdf) certificates directly to or from Springest. We will process the certificates and make it available in our system for the particular employee of a corporate customer. The Certification API will allow external parties to fetch a list of certifications.


As an external party, your API key will have permission to access employees' compliance status only for specific certifications. These permissions have to be pre-configured by Springest.

Available Methods for Certificates

GET    /users/certificates.xml?api_key=YOUR_PRIVATE_API_KEYGet the verified certificates for matching institutes
POST /users/certificates.xml?api_key=YOUR_PRIVATE_API_KEYPost certificates for matching institute 


Endpoint: /users/certificates?api_key=YOUR_PRIVATE_API_KEY

Format: json


  • email (string; optional)
  • certification_id (string; optional)
  • created_from (Date; YYYY-MM-DD; optional)


  • id
    • name
    • description
  • certification_id
  • valid_from
  • valid_until
  • status
  • created_at
  • user
    • email
    • external_id


  • If the parameter certification_id is passed along, it returns only certificates for the certification corresponding to that certification_id. For each certificate, it returns.
  • If the parameter email is passed along, it returns only certificates for the user corresponding to that email.
  • If the parameter created_from is passed along, it returns only certificates created on or after that date.

Example return:


Request: POST /certificates:

Format:  "multipart/form-data"


  • conversion_id (integer; optional)
  • certification_id (integer; required)
  • email (string; required)
  • valid_from (date; required)
  • valid_until (date; required if the certification's "requires_valid_until" is true)
  • file (file; required)

Notes for POSTing certificates:

  • At the moment we have a limit of POSTing max 30 certificates per minute. Contact us if this gives 400 bad request errors.
  • Actual file sent cannot be decoded. Base64 is not allowed. We prefer filetype .pdf
  • When a certificate is received we store it in our database, it will only be visible via GET calls if the linked certification_id is verified by a Springest employee first.



Our Certification API allows you at the moment only to view or fetch certifications.

Available Methods for certifications

GET  /certifications.xml?api_key=YOUR_PRIVATE_API_KEYGet all certifications for matching institutes

GET:  /certifications: to be able to see all verified certifications per domain.
(Note: you will need a different api_key for certifications)


  • name
    • Returns
        • id
        • name (string; required)
        • description
        • requires_valid_until


For questions: contact

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